550 West B Street 4th Floor San Diego, CA 92101
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Candace Vanderbilt
Community Curator
Morgan Brass
Community Sales and Marketing Specialist
Tere Memun
Administrative and Marketing Assistant
David Adato
Customer & Technical Support Manager


Matthew Cecil

Downtown Works is without a doubt the best co-working space in San Diego. It provides to perfect balance of providing a quiet place to get work done and bringing the community together.

We feel proud when we tell people our office is located at Downtown Works. Our employees also love showing off our office at DW Works.

Varun Villait
Chief Technology Officer

We looked at several coworking locations in downtown SD and were blown away as soon as we walked in the door. The staff here has been nothing short of spectacular and caters to our every need. If your are in the market for a office away from home or an office for your startup, I highly suggest you choose downtown works.

Alejandra Aranda
Kendra Scott
Community Relations & Event Manager

I have to say, the idea of having a co-working space is amazing. Taking a look at what Downtown Works has to offer just makes it a lot more attractive. Location, amenities, and environment is key and I really believe Downtown Works has it all.

Carl Powell
Baja Fine Wines

We love working at DW, we have worked at many different coworking and incubation spaces and this is by far the best. DW is amazing for many reasons from contemporary design to their friendly and attentive staff. When we looked for a coworking space we looked for a place we can call home and not feel like a “visitor” since we seem to work longer than we are at home. And like finding that perfect home soon as you see it, we fell in love at our first visit.

Katy Bray
Lead With The Lights On

I love Downtown Works for so many reasons. Not only is it a beautiful place to bring clients, the community there is filled with movers and shakers who want to see you succeed. It’s a refined group of success driven people with staff that are so attentive to our needs, supportive of our goals and fun to chat with. We love the variety of events there and the opportunities being a community member has provided us.

Sarah Hernholm
WIT (Whatever It Takes)

DW is the perfect place for WIT because of the focus on community, collaboration and connection. WIT has already worked with other companies and individuals at DW, which is exactly what I was hoping for when we made the choice to move to DW. We didn’t want just an office, we wanted a community, and that’s what we have found at DW.    I met one of the founders at a dinner and when described what they were creating, I was intrigued. I was familiar with all the other cowork spaces in San Diego and none of them were a fit for WIT. When I came for a tour (when it was still a construction site), I was blown away by the space/design. I was also really interested in the type of community the founders were committed to creating. I’m happy to say that DW has exceeded my expectations. I was looking for a space that would be more than just an office. WIT is a company based on community and collaboration, so I wanted to find a cowork space that also valued those things – DW does and so do the people who office out of DW.