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Our Team

Our team and founders are excited about the opportunity to push young entrepreneurs to do something great. We feel socially responsible to push companies further, and will consistently provide hands-on mentorship to all our coworking members.


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Candace Vanderbilt
Community Manager
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Jennifer Johnson
Community Administrator
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David Adato
Chief Operations Officer
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Monse Corral
Community Curator

Our Founders

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Wolf Bielas

Wolf Bielas, our Managing Partner, is all kinds of cool. He’s not just your average business mogul who has invested in multiple startups through his fund, Wolfpack Ventures. In his free time Bielas challenges himself by competing in triathlons, and in the winter you’ll find him skiing down the slopes!

“I see Downtown Works as an opportunity to pursue my passion of coaching, mentoring, and collaborating with emerging entrepreneurs as well as being involved in the real estate aspect of co-owning the building. Wolfpack Ventures’ new office will be in the building and we’re planning on implementing an accelerator program for Downtown Works startups so we can provide a hands on approach to advising and helping our startups with funding! I am also one of the founders of South Up, an incubator in the south of Israel, and we are planning to create an alliance between South Up and Downtown Works to foster partnerships and increase innovation.”

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Michel Cohen

Being exposed to the finance world at a young age from his family, it was no surprise Michel started managing money at age 14 and had his first real venture after college graduation at age 22. Ever since opening high-end retail stores in Mexico and with a fresh eye for the next ‘thing’, Michel is a serial investor, and currently a Financial Advisor at LM, who has experience in all kinds of industries — from when he was a successful stockbroker at Value Casa de Bolsa in Mexico City to when he teamed up with his father in law to develop in large scale low-income homes in Mexico, and acted as the company VP for twelve years.

Once his family relocated to San Diego, Michel saw a growing need for mentorship and startup support. Along with Edward Adato, Dan Schwarzblat, and Wolf Bielas, Michel co-founded Downtown Works, the perfect space for startups to thrive thanks to carefully curating the most experienced people in respective fields to manage the space, and mentor members.

“Our goal is to build a strong community, and we plan to do that by focusing on creating a blend of positive entrepreneurs who have common goals.”

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Edward Adato

When it comes to cars and buildings, Edward is passionate about old, fast and challenging.  From the cradle sleeping with a toy wooden car to building his first industrial project at the age of 26, Edward enjoys the thrill of restoring and racing cars, and remodeling and developing industrial or office buildings.   After revolutionizing the family business in the early 90’s by implementing the company’s first LAN and improving order and production handling, he was the driving force behind the technology and tracking systems of the company’s website in the very early days of the internet, and also developed several online information solutions for other clients, as well as provided computer consulting services on a part-time basis.  During the last 15 years, he has dedicated most of his time to the real estate development, investment and management company he co-founded.

“Downtown Works is a very important project for me.  I enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit and the go-getter attitude of the members.  We are all here because we want to, not because we have to.  There is no clock to punch.  We want something better and we want something more rewarding.  That is probably one of the coolest traits we all share here.  Reach higher?  You bet!”

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Samantha Cohen

Samantha born and raised in Mexico City. She has a BA in Business Administration from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and graduated with high honors. Also, holds a degree in digital arts from UCSD.

Samantha has always been involved in sales and strategic planning, from a chain of dry cleaning stores in Mexico to Downtown Works, a coworking community here in the heart of San Diego where today serves as a managing partner and also as the head designer for the entire place.

She was heavily involved as a co-chair in an organization called “padres para padres” that brought together hundreds of couples with young children in our community. Our goals were: improve social interaction within our community and to learn about topics, such as childhood development and anti-Semitism in the world. She has proudly served in the women’s Philanthropy board of the Jewish Federation for the past three years, had different roles such as co-chairing the social action committee and leadership development. At the SDJA has participated in several committees as PTO, Yahad, Atid and others.

COFOUNDER3-300x250 Coworking Space San Diego

Dan Schwarzblat

For Dan Schwarzblat life is about the next big challenge. Whether it be starting his own company at the age of 22 or completing an Ironman, Dan focuses on his goals and works passionately at attaining them. Coming from a family of business owners, for Dan that was always the right path to take. During college Dan opened one candy store named Chilim Balam and from there went on to expand his company to over 80 stores in Mexico. Chilim Balam has since become the premier retailer for sweet and spicy treats in Mexico, with plans to continue expanding, thanks to Dan’s vision and leadership.

“Downtown works is an example of community entrepreneurship that I feel proud to be a part of. I enjoy working amongst intrepid, high impact entrepreneurs who give their all to achieve success and look forward to collaborating and growing in this new, dynamic space.”