Coworking Statistics

Did you know that coworking makes you more productive? That’s right!

Consider the following statistics according to global research from Deskmag and Deskwanted. They conducted a 2017 Global Coworking Survey to find out if and how coworkers benefited from their new workspace setup.

The results? Since working in a coworking space:

  • 74% of coworkers are more productive,
  • 86% have a larger business network,
  • 93% have a bigger social network,
  • Over two thirds feel more creative and collaborate more on projects,
  • A third reported an increase in income.

All this confirms what our Downtown Works coworkers already know: coworking isn’t just the latest fad. It really works.

For more answers to the survey question, “How much has your workstyle altered since you started working in a coworking space,” read’s full article here.

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