How To Build Your BrandAccording to a recent Nielson survey, more than half of all consumers prefer to buy new products from brands they already know and trust. They like the familiarity of the brand, and that the brand feels like someone they “know” on a personal level. Having a recognizable brand is one of the most valuable assets you can invest in for your company. For a new business, this really places the focus on how important getting started on your brand building really is.

Your brand is the overall perception the public has of your business. It’s your very personality and the voice you speak with when you tell a story. While you’re sitting at your workspace, take a minute to think about the voice your new business currently uses. Does it accurately represent who you are? Is it a solid and authentic one? Is it a voice that allows you to connect with your desired audience? For too many new business teams sitting at their workspace having this thought, the answer is no.

The first thing any new business should do while having this workspace brainstorming session is to think of your target audience. This is who you’ll be talking to, so this is who your voice should be centered around. You’ll need to know the detailed behaviors and lifestyle points of this audience, and you’ll want to get as specific as possible in order to create a personality that can speak to them authentically. The voice you use to speak to tech-savvy app developers is going to be different than the voice you use to speak to those in the farming and agriculture industry.
After you have your desired demographic singled out, you’ll want to focus on your mission statement. Your mission is what your brand is most passionate about, and what value you bring to the table in regards to the public. Your mission statement is your very reason for existing in the first place.

Next, you’ll want to seek out a bit of inspiration. You will want to see what others in your industry are doing right, what the trends are, and what their weak points may be. When you want to stand out, you’ll need to measure up to what you’re standing against. Once you have your mission, your audience, and the path you want to go follow narrowed down, it’s then time to put it into practice. Your brand personality should be represented in your logo, tagline, website, marketing, communications, and product all at once.

When you build a brand, don’t expect that brand to stay stagnant forever. Your brand will continue to grow and develop as your new business does. By creating a personality that has the ability to stand on its own two legs, your business is sure enough to flourish.


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