Starting a small business is no simple task. There is no “easy button” (at least I have not found one yet) to make all your business problems and worries just disappear. The simple act of speaking up to ask for help has become a distraction.

Part of the entrepreneur journey, depending on your business model, is to network your way into the startup community and learn to speak its language. A whole new set of acronyms begin to enter your vocabulary at an alarming rate. Do you have an MVP? What’s your P&L? Since when has an MVP not been the Most Valuable Player!

It takes more than just brilliant business ideas to run a small business. Entrepreneurs must have a plan to navigate through a maze of “stuff” (keeping it PG here) and show up every day ready to face new barriers and business challenges. Sometimes it’s all the “stuff” in my mind that keeps me up at night. What if there was a way to get everything done, and still have time myself yourself? Simple – do less.

Two of my favorite entrepreneurs, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, aka “The Minimalists” operate their business and lives on the concept of less is more. According to European CEO, “An increasing number of business leaders are actively adopting minimalist practices in order to achieve their goals – both professionally and personally.”

There are several definitions of minimalism out there, but I like this one by author and minimalist Joshua Becker who describes minimalism as “the intentional promotion of the things we most value by removing anything that distracts us from it. He is clear to point out that “minimalism is not about reducing the amount of everything. Quite the opposite: it is about reducing distractions to maximize more important pursuits.”

The desire for more “stuff” in our professional lives and the accumulation of “things” is deeply ingrained in our culture today. But what if you could do business with less “stuff” and get rewarded physically, mentally, and financially for your efforts? Would you be interested?

Here are a few thoughts and nuggets of information in support of entrepreneur minimalism…

Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS)

You must first learn how to walk before you start sprinting toward your business goals. Trying to do too much too soon may end up hurting your business long term. As an entrepreneur, I believe that our community places value on the “perception of success.” It’s our responsibility to shape the culture of entrepreneurship in ways that will benefit us both professionally and personally. Adopting the KISS Method, and implementing it tactically into our daily routines, can not only help keep us more organized but provide more time to focus on purpose and why the hell we are doing this in the first place!

The Illusion of Control

Giving up control is not easy. You birthed your business – you know it best and want it to succeed. In my experience, trying to control every detail about your business, suppliers, vendors, partners can quickly become overwhelming. There are so many moving parts to a business that making decisions and staying the course is a challenge. Geez…I don’t even go into large grocery stores anymore because there are too many choices, I end up buying things I don’t need and wasting time walking around aimlessly trying to find what I need. Giving up control and an attitude of “I must do EVERYTHING” can free up some time for new ideas and self-care.

More Money More Problems?

Let me explain. Money and profits flowing into your business is a great thing! It shows that your business model is working, and your stakeholders and customers are buying what you are selling. However, excess capital and cash on the books can be a burden as well. Without distributing surplus funds in an organized and strategic way, simple transactions can become confusing and complicated. Try thinking smaller – only making purchases based on business values, culture, and need. This minimalist strategy will keep you spending less – steering clear of any monetary pitfalls and overspending temptation due to financial success.

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