SEO Objectives And Basic Practices: What You Need To KnowNow that you’re settled into your flexible premium coworking space in San Diego, it’s time to begin marketing your business. One of the best ways to do so is through search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization is the process of increasing your website traffic by making yourself more visible on other sites. Below, we’ve provided you with a brief overview of the best SEO objectives and fundamental practices to help get you started.

SEO For Branding

One of the best ways to use SEO is for branding purposes. Social network sites and other content producers have used this strategy for years. Social network sites will cause themselves to appear on top of search results, increasing exposure and driving further traffic to their website. This is an excellent strategy to use if your business is more focused on attracting attention from a market than you are about direct traffic or monetization goals. Much like social network sites, you can use this strategy if you’re looking to drum up customer participation.

SEO For Raw Traffic

“Raw is the term used to describe “free” or “natural” visits to your website traffic.” This usually occurs as a direct result of prudent keyword choice and deployment, and how that results in people organically find your website as a result of your search engine rankings. In other words, you didn’t pay anyone or any service to promote your website; this traffic is a direct, natural result of what happens when people go looking in a search engine for something related to you.

SEO with raw traffic in mind means looking at similar products or services, consulting the analytics for how users are trying to find that information, and ensuring you meet these criteria. If you have a renovation service, for example, and you realize a keyword most frequently used is “remodeling,” and you’re not using that word, you should start employing it to increase your raw traffic numbers.

You should use this strategy if you are looking to drive traffic to your site without having to invest in third-party advertisements.

SEO For Online Sales

E-commerce, or online purchases, is now a major part of many businesses, and the advent of online sales has allowed even smaller businesses to have a global audience. However, that also means that good SEO to drive customers to your online portal is extremely competitive. While it’s important to take advantage of other venues, such as researching which social media platforms your customers are on, and marketing on those channels, SEO is still important.

Longtail keywords are an important strategy for driving traffic for SEO online sales. It’s not just a matter of using keywords that invoke specific brand names, or designations of the class or service you provide. It would help if you tried to understand what general search terms, questions, and alternatives customers are using when trying to find these products. If you know that many people have used a similar phrase, such as “How does an air fryer work,” use these longtail keywords and phrases to your advantage when selling this product and including them in your web content.

SEO For Lead Acquisitions

Lead acquisition is all about getting a promising contact that could potentially convert to a customer. There are two ways lead acquisition works. You can either do it yourself, which is “lead generation,” through things like asking interested parties to subscribe to a newsletter and give you contact information or fill out a form for a free ebook. The other alternative for lead acquisition is to go to a third party and buy the contacts.

So, for example, a company interested in getting more promising leads on customers needing financial services may go to a marketing company that has already compiled a list of people in this category. Buying that contact list and then using it is a very direct form of lead acquisition.

SEO For Influence

The fastest way to research SEO for influence is to look at what tone or idea you are trying to associate with your product or service, and start using it in your own content. Similarly, if you’re trying to do damage control on negative sentiment, find out what words are being used for that negative SEO and incorporate it into your influencing content, complete with a rebuttal.


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