KIEV, UKRAINE – OCTOBER 02, 2017: Woman using iPhone SE with social media icons on screen and MacBook Air with homepages of different social networks on display

As a San Diego entrepreneur, you may have considered putting your brand on social media. Perhaps you’ve looked around and noticed that many of the other young entrepreneurs working in your collaborative community space have put their companies on a few social network, such as:

• Facebook
• Instagram
• Snapchat
• LinkedIn

Curious about why you should consider putting your company on social networks? Below, you’ll find the three reasons why social networks are critical to your company’s success.

Build Brand Awareness On Social Networks

As a new company, there’s a strong chance that people don’t know about your brand. Investing in social media allows you to reach new customers.

When doing so, you can target your customers based on various demographics. For instance, imagine you’re targeting San Diego men and women between the ages of 30 and 45 that work in the tech industry.

Social media allows you to cipher through these parameters and target your ideal audience. One study found that 60 percent of Instagram users said that they found new products or services while on the platform. Social media could provide your new company with the opportunity to grown.

Keep People Talking About Your Brand

Not only do social networks allow you to build your brand, but they also keep people talking about it as well. Most people log into social media at least once per day. With traditional advertising, a consumer may see your ad in a local San Diego newspaper and never see it again. However, with social media, you can connect with your customer base each time they log into one of their networks.

Build Relationships

Social media is also useful for entrepreneurs because it provides them with a platform to communicate with customers. Relationships are critical to a company’s success. By engaging with users in social media comments, you can begin to develop brand loyalty.


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