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I believe The Beatles had it right when they wrote: “With a Little Help From My Friends.” Besides being one of the band’s greatest hits, the song comes with a message for entrepreneurs everywhere. Business is built on personal relationships. Creating healthy and efficient networking habits is key to successfully building a brand and connecting with the right people.

So how do you make your network work for you? If you’re an entrepreneur playing in the startup space, you’re all too familiar with the term “niche.” How many times have you heard, “you must niche down, find a niche, target your niche, discover your niche audience,” and the list goes on! This week’s post focuses on connecting the term niche with the art of networking to learn how to connect with your tribe faster by purposefully networking to your niche.

Unfortunately, I can’t teach you How to Play Guitar Like The Beatles, you would need to consult with Beginner Guitar HQ for that, but I can share some fun and creative ways to network for all you Beatles fans out there!

Please Please Help Me – Do your Research

So how do you navigate through the noise to effectively network to your niche? Simple, do your research. Instead of aimlessly attending every networking event and meet up you can, take the time to research who is attending. Also, what is the purpose of the event? Is this an opportunity to meet with folks that will add value to your business? Time is one of your most valuable assets. Why waste it networking with no purpose.

A Hard Day’s Night – Practice your Pitch

Who wants to spend hours working like a dog striking up a conversation with everyone in the room? You can’t be everything to everyone, so LET IT BE! It’s not about you, it’s about them. Know who you are talking to and practice your pitch. There’s nothing wrong in saying a quick hello and asking what they do and then excusing yourself politely to seek out connections within your similar niche industry.

Don’t Let Me Down – Be Socially Selective

Online networking and developing an audience on social media are important. Checking your feed every 15 minutes because your FOMO causes you anxiety is not. Focusing your energy on social media and not in your business is a practice that will eventually let you down. Monitor your time on social and measure how your efforts are adding value to your business.

Forget about Yesterday, Come Together Today

No one can build a successful and thriving business alone. Even though yesterday, it may have felt like all your troubles were so far away, they could be here to stay if you don’t practice networking to your niche. Make time to come together with your network today! Come together and join the comradery, collaboration and community each week at Downtown Works’ standing Happy Hour, “Thirsty Thursday” from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm every Thursday afternoon.

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