When building a business, many young entrepreneurs are often enamored by the fact that they no longer need to work in a corporate setting. With the freedom to work remotely from wherever they’d like, entrepreneurs often tend to choose their San Diego home or local café as their work space. The convenience offered by these work spaces seems too good to be true.

Unfortunately, many remote workers and entrepreneurs don’t realize the pitfalls of choosing their home or local coffee shop as their work space. Doing so could negatively impact the growth of a new business significantly. Skeptical? Below, we’ll detail the primary reasons why entrepreneurs should reconsider the home or coffee shop work space in San Diego.

Poor Wi-Fi

If you are seeking to grow your business remotely, communication will be essential. Unfortunately, working from home or coffee shop typically results in either expensive or low-quality internet connections. For instance, if you are continually trying to conduct video calls and meetings from home, your data usage could spike tremendously. You may find yourself needing to invest in a more expensive package to accomplish basic work tasks.

If you’re working from a coffee shop, your Wi-Fi connection will likely be even less reliable. The internet connections in coffee shops are often not nearly strong enough to support a jam-packed workday. And, a coffee shop is often noisy, so it could be challenging to find the privacy necessary to conduct a meeting or take a call.

Too Many Distractions

When starting a company, you need to dedicate yourself fully to business growth. Unfortunately, this is not possible when working from home or a café. When working from home, you’ll likely find yourself wanting to accomplish chores or tasks, such as:

  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Taking out the trash
  • Binge-watching the latest Netflix release

Working from a cafe is distracting because of how loud it is. Between the everyday hustle and bustle of customers, the grinding of coffee beans, and other similar noises, it will be nearly impossible to focus on a task.

Isolation And Loneliness

Consider the saying, “We become the average of the five people with who we surround ourselves.” Now think about who you surround yourself with when working at home or in a coffee shop? Likely no one! Many entrepreneurs are lonely when they begin working remotely. They lose daily office interactions and mentorship that had previously sparked creativity.

Networking also becomes difficult when working in isolation. New remote workers and business owners would be wise to look into alternative San Diego work spaces that will allow them to dedicate themselves entirely to their budding careers.