Learning To Work In A San Diego Flexible WorkspaceWe’ve heard from many remote workers, nomads, and entrepreneurs who have recently begun working in a San Diego flexible workspace. Many of these individuals appreciate the flexibility and freedom that these workspaces provide, in stark contrast to traditional offices. However, these individuals have also admitted there are some things that they needed to get used to when moving to a San Diego flexible workspace. We’ve identified a few of the tidbits below. 

Creative Juices Are Always Flowing 

Many entrepreneurs find that there is a buzz or creative spirit that exists in coworking spaces that does not exist in other offices. One PR consultant told Time Magazine, “Just walking down the hall makes me feel more creative, and seeing everyone working gives me ideas.” 

Figuring Out How To Seek Investors 

When working in a flexible workspace, you’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals. You’ll likely quickly realize that many of these individuals could help your new business grow, either by providing capital or skill of expertise. The founders of Downtown Works frequently mentor, as well as invest in, Downtown Works member’s companies. 

Potential Networking Opportunities

However, you should be mindful of the fact that these individuals themselves are also working to advance their own endeavors. Instead of soliciting business or expertise directly, look into whether a coworking space provides an internal ecosystem that allows you to post services and products that you need or opportunities that you provide. Building an authentic network of like-minded entrepreneurs can benefit you both the short and long-term. 

Why Adjust To Flexible Workspaces? 

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a workspace, you could be hesitant about switching from an office to a coworking space. However, evidence suggests that you should do so sooner rather than later. Statistics from AllWork indicate that roughly half of all corporations will utilize flexible workspaces by 2020. The number of freelancers is expected to increase dramatically as well, further backing the belief that coworking spaces are the workspaces of the (near) future. 


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