This retired San Diego County Superior Court Judge is turning “bad into badass” helping her clients navigate all phases of divorce. A former divorce judge and attorney, DeAnn witnessed firsthand the “power of one” to change behavior – learning to love and forgive in order to transform bad habits into good ones. Sharing honestly about her own trauma and failed relationships, she finds strength and connection in coaching women caught in the “divorce fog.” According to Salcido, “you can be a Woe as me Wanda, or you can choose to write your own comeback story and learn to turn those Grrrrrr experiences into Grrrrateful moments.” Let’s get to know this experienced entrepreneur and Divorce Comeback Queen a little better…

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a rare San Diego native. I love sports and meeting people, even the grumpy ones who amuse me. I am a second-generation attorney (my Dad had his own civil litigation firm). I am a retired judge making the move from a divorce attorney to a divorce coach.

2. Where did you come up with your original idea or concept for your business?

It is commonly understood that most people cannot wait to stop talking to their divorce attorneys; they typically want nothing to do with anyone associated with the divorce, let alone their attorney who often must tell them things they don’t want to hear. I noticed that my experience with clients was the opposite. It turned out they enjoyed the “coaching” I would give them during their case. Through my time as a judicial officer, I practiced as a Drug Court Judge. I was trained on how to get people to break bad habits and look inward for triggers to their self-sabotaging behavior. As a divorce attorney, I use this same training to help my clients recognize their own bad habits and triggers. Given that these coaching services can help people beyond their case, I was drawn to making the switch in focus from a divorce attorney to a divorce coach.

3. What services and or products do you offer?

I offer 1 on 1 and group coaching to women impacted by divorce.  I also provide preparation for interviews with custody evaluators and family court mediators. As part of my services, I teach techniques that neutralize difficult co-parents.  All my services are designed to improve my clients’ lives by giving them increased confidence and clarity on how to avoid divorce drama and guidelines on how to best protect their children from abusive parents.

4. How has being a member of Downtown Works helped you grow your business?

Co-working at DW has been a great place to conduct both my law practice and my divorce coaching businesses. I love the “lunch and learn” events that they sponsor. Moreover, the vibe of the location is conducive to meeting new people and provides exposure to different business models.

5. What is one piece of advice you would give someone just starting their business?

Be patient and be prepared to pivot. I learned to pivot towards providing the services my clients need as opposed to what I think they need. I experienced this after creating a self-help law program for family court participants. The business model failed because there is only so much a non-lawyer is willing to do before they give up and hire an attorney if they can. However, it was through this business model that I learned people were willing to invest in themselves to learn new life skills that would serve them beyond the life of their divorce case. I told myself, “give the people what they want” – and a divorce coach was born.

6. Where can readers find you?

My coaching website is I still do select divorce cases and the site for that is  I am hosting a conference at Downtown Works on Saturday, Feb. 8th called: “Sexy Confidence and Badass Dating After Divorce.” This conference will bring together women impacted by divorce who are ready to reveal their inner badass and take control of redefining themselves after divorce. Tickets are available on Eventbrite. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram. All women impacted by divorce are invited to join my free Divorce Comeback Queen private support group.

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