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Many entrepreneurs in the San Diego area start their company because they notice a void in the market and create a good or service that meets their customer’s needs. For instance, ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft were created because there was a need for affordable, accessible taxi services that would take you anywhere, like community events. 

If you have a strong creative spirit and want to change the world, the first thing you’ll need to do is learn your customer’s needs. Below, we’ve detailed how you can go about determining your customer’s needs and providing a good or service that meets their needs. 

Identifying Customer’s Needs 

If you would like to learn your customer’s needs, we suggest soliciting feedback from them during every step of the process. There are numerous ways you can do so, although some of the most common include: 

  • Exit interviews
  • Reviewing comments on social media
  • Setting up focus groups 

If you have yet to form your startup and are looking for a way to solve customer needs, we recommend attending San Diego community events. Community events are an excellent way to meet a diverse crowd. Survey community event space attendees and ask them what voids they have in their life. If you notice that there’s a trend among answers, you’ll have identified a need in the area. Your next challenge, of course, is designing a good or service to solve the problem. 

Never Stop Evolving 

Your customer’s needs will continually evolve. So too should the goods and services you offer your customer. Even when you create a good or service that meets your customer’s needs, you should continue to solicit feedback. You should then use this feedback to craft new ideas and develop new offerings. Innovation is critical. 

Be Upfront And Honest 

Customers will appreciate your business if you are honest when something goes wrong. Explain why an error occurred and what you’re doing to remedy the situation. Take full responsibility for the incident. 

We often feel that customers demand perfection, but more than anything, customers merely want to feel valued. Honesty can go a long way toward building a relationship with a customer. If a customer can see that you’re working genuinely to solve their needs, they’ll likely be willing to stick with you in the long run. 


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