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As an entrepreneur, you are likely continually looking for ways to make your new company more efficient. Thanks to technology, the process has become significantly easier. San Diego entrepreneurs should consider utilizing various apps to help improve efficiency. Below, we’ve outlined our ten favorite apps for entrepreneurial efficiency.


If you have a team of at least three members, we would highly recommend implementing Slack into your company’s operations. This is especially the case for those who work remotely. Slack is a platform available on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Its features include:

• Instant messaging
• Document sharing
• Image sharing
• Video calls

Slack makes it easy to add team members, making it easy to grow the app with your company. No matter if your employees are working from home or a shared workspace in San Diego, Slack can streamline your communications. The app reduces email inbox clutter and helps organize team interactions with one another. When you’re not in your high-tech meeting room at your shared workspace in San Diego, Slack helps everyone remain connected.


Another one of the best apps for entrepreneurial efficiency is MailChimp. MailChimp can help build your network and following, growing your business from a shared workspace in San Diego into a larger company. MailChimp offers users features such as easy-to-use templates and email distribution.

Furthermore, MailChimp is free, so long as you have less than 2,000 subscribers. By the time your business grow to the point you have more than 2,000 subscribers, you should, hopefully, be more flush with capital, making it easier to pay for a premium plan. If you are involved with the day-to-day operations of your company and don’t have time to dedicate to marketing, MailChimp is one of the best solutions available.


As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with how much you have on your plate. It’s imperative that you keep your brain in tip-top shape, keeping you sharp and astute. One of the best solutions to help you do so is Headspace. Headspace enables you to improve your mental health, providing you with tips on how to wind down and meditate.

Too often, entrepreneurs feel as though they have to grind and never take any time off. However, this can prove detrimental to their success. Taking a few minutes to breathe each day can go a long way toward entrepreneurial efficiency. Headspace can help.

Google Products

Google products, such as Google Drive and Google Calendar, are an excellent choice for entrepreneurs building a team. Multiple people can share and collaborate on various documents. Google makes integration seamless. For instance, if someone sends you a reservation in Gmail, you’ll find it added to your calendar automatically.


Salesforce is an app that seeks to improve customer relationship management. Salesforce could automate numerous business practices, allowing you to dedicate your time and energy elsewhere. Salesforce is entirely cloud-based, making it easy for you to communicate with your team and customers.


Dropbox is another excellent app for efficiency. Dropbox makes it easy for you to share and access files from multiple devices. No longer will you have to worry about storing documents on a flash drive. Dropbox Business reports that sales teams are six percent more productive when using their services. Customers see a return on investment of more than 800 percent.


If you’re a San Diego entrepreneur focused on technology and software development, you’ll want to make sure that you start using GitHub as soon as possible. You’ll find access to open source code and a community of developers. These individuals could help you solve problems that you’re having.

You could also consider outsourcing some of your efforts to developers who you find on GitHub. GitHub also stresses project management, making it easy for multiple users to interact and work on a project together.


If you’re looking to begin processing payments, Stripe is one of the best apps to help you do so. Stripe works exclusively with online businesses and relies on cloud-based infrastructure. The app can help make your payments process more reliable and secure. Streamlining your payment processing can reduce headaches.


When working remotely, you may find it challenging to coordinate meetings with members who are not present at your shared workspace in San Diego. GoToMeeting seeks to resolve this problem, as the app provides high-quality meeting and video conferencing tools to its clients. You can create a unique sign-in and send the individuals to multiple people, who can then log in to the meeting on any device.


RingDNA seeks to improve the entire sales cycle, benefitting everyone from reps to customers. The system automates your sales engagement calls. You won’t have to waste resources cold-calling leads. The RingDNA is a critical efficiency tool for new entrepreneurs who are cash-strapped and limited in time.


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