Tips For Boosting Team OptimismAchieving success as a new business owner takes time and patience. One of the attributes that successful entrepreneurs have in common is their ability to overcome adversity. There are many roadblocks that entrepreneurs must push through on the road to success.

Roadblocks can become a problem when they begin to impact your team. What should you do if your team is stuck in a rut that they just can’t seem to escape? Below, we’ve provided tips for boosting team optimism, which should hopefully inspire you to shatter plateaus and achieve your goals.

Increase Communication

When things aren’t going well, it’s critical that business owners open the line of communication. Owners should take the time to communicate the situation to the team in direct terms. The owner should then clearly communicate the plan in place not only to navigate through the tough times but also the program that the team will implement down the road when the situation improves.

Small business owners should also stress that they are always open to innovative ideas and suggestions. Perhaps close the meeting with a roundtable discussion or rallying cry of sorts. Most employees end up admitting that their perception of a situation was worse than the reality. Painting a clear picture can end up boosting morale and optimism as employees realize that things are not as “doom and gloom” as they appeared initially.

Consider Your Workspace

Although many small business owners encourage remote work, you may want to reevaluate your workplace situation. Although working from home drives productivity, research shows that it kills innovation and team cohesion. Additional studies concluded that workers were roughly 20 percent more likely to stay in touch when working in an office than when working remotely.

Instead of requiring your employees to go to a dedicated office, consider something like a shared coworking space in San Diego. Many shared spaces in San Diego are designed explicitly to encourage fun, creativity, and innovation, with features like:

• Local craft beer on tap
• Coffee, tea, and other snacks provided throughout the day
• Lunch-N-Learns with industry experts
• Pet-friendly offices

Plan A Company Outing

Another excellent way to boost morale is by planning a company outing or event. For instance, you can start a fitness challenge for the upcoming month. Offer incentives that encourage participation, such as:

• An extra vacation day
• Gift cards
• Cash

Doing something productive as a team that doesn’t relate to work can allow you to bond with one another and boost morale. Other events that could help get you away from work include things such as going bowling, racing go-karts, volunteering at a food bank, or taking in a Padres game once the weather begins to warm.


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