Having dogs in the office is a great perk. Studies show that having pets in the office increases productivity and leads to more positively engaged workers. 

With that benefit comes the responsibility of adhering to the rules and being mindful that not all members are dog or pet lovers. So that we can ensure the safety and comfort of all members and other furry friends, we have partnered with PetScreening. PetScreening is a third-party pet application service that is simple and secure while storing your pet’s information in one place.

A PetScreening application must be on file before you can begin to bring your pet to work. There is a $20 annual application fee to use PetScreening. This service makes it easy for you to share records with Housing Providers, hotels, pet groomers, doggy daycares, dog walkers, pet sitters, vets, etc. There is no cost for Assistance Animals, but please be prepared to submit the required documentation.




When you are ready to proceed, click the ‘Start Here’ button for your Pet or Assistance Animal.


Read and accept the Terms of Service and click ‘Create Profile’


Click ‘Create a Pet Profile’. If you are making an accommodation request for an Assistance Animal, the request box will be preselected.


Click on each section within the profile to enter details, upload photos and attach documents.


For Pets: click the green ‘Proceed to Payment’ button at the top right of the profile, enter payment details and submit. 

For Animals: Click the green ‘Submit for Review’ button at the top right of the profile.

All profiles are active for one year upon completion.



Are there any dog breed restrictions?

During your application process, you will be given a FIDO Score from PetScreening. We have set certain parameters regarding certain known ‘aggressive breeds’ of dogs. Having a low FIDO score or your dog being in the ‘restricted’ tier does not mean your dog will be instantly denied. 

Your location team reviews all applications and approves them on a case by case basis. We take into account age, weight, breed, vaccination history, etc. 

We love your furry friend as much as you.

What pets can I bring?

Our Pet Policy is strict on what animals are allowed in our space. If you have any questions regarding our Pet Policy please send an email to and we will be happy to assist with your questions.

Why is there a cost?

Downtown Works has partnered with PetScreening to provide a streamlined application process for all pets. Downtown Works does not make any money or charge any additional fees for bringing pets into our spaces.

PetScreening Pricing Breakdown:

The cost for household pets is $20 for the first Pet Profile and $15 for each additional Pet Profile. There is no charge ($0) for assistance animal accommodation requests or no pet/animal profiles.

All profiles are valid for one year upon activation. Household Pet Profiles can be renewed for an additional year at a discounted rate. Please click here for more information on Renewal Terms. There is no charge to renew assistance animal profiles or no pet/animal profiles. 

How do you validate accommodation requests?

When a Requester (animal owner) submits a reasonable accommodation request, the request goes through a comprehensive legal review process that adheres to HUD and FHAct guidelines.

During the review process, our Assistance Animal Review Team contacts the support animal owner’s (Requester) third-party health care provider to validate the document’s authenticity and never inquires about the specific nature of a disability.

(The FHAct provides that reliable and credible documentation that meet the test of reasonableness may be requested. Documentation must affirm the animal owner has a disability and a disability-related need for the animal. A letter from a medical doctor, social worker, or mental health professional are acceptable sources of documentation.) Learn More

How long does it take to process my application?

A household pet profile have an instantaneous turn around time. The review time for assistance animal accommodation requests is 2-5 business days.

If the review time takes longer, this likely means the PetScreening team is waiting for validation from the third-party health-care provider or more information is needed from the animal owner.

What if I need help figuring PetScreening out?

Great question. PetScreening has 24/7 support and a Helpdesk that provides answers to FAQ and concerns. You can find that here!