The holidays are over. Take a breath, you deserve it. It’s a new year with new challenges and new opportunities. As you set personal resolutions and business goals this month, here’s something to keep mind. No matter how ambitious you are, no matter how much energy you devote to crushing those sales goals, you will not build a business overnight.

It took the ancient Romans years of hard work, commitment, patience, and sacrifice to build an empire. These ancient entrepreneurs had their own set of challenges and setbacks, but nowhere near the number of digital distractions, we face today. With constant disruption from our devices, sucking our valuable time and energy, it’s important to set yourself up for success.

This week’s post is about understanding these challenges while arming yourself with information and tips to help adjust your business mindset. Learn to FOCUS on what’s most important when it comes to your entrepreneurial adventure.

Here are 5 tips to help entrepreneurs FOCUS on expansion and growth in 2020…

1. F – Flexibility

Failure is a part of life. Many of your best ideas and business solutions will not work. Accepting this fact while remaining flexible is key for startups and business owners learning to crawl before they walk. The buzz word that gets thrown around a lot is “pivot”. Add this term to your vocabulary. You will find yourself using it more than you think.

2. O – Organization

Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination. Your path will be paved with a crazy amount of information, networking opportunities, and partnerships. Navigating the seas of startup chaos and organizing your business the right way from the beginning makes a difference. Time can be your best friend or your worst enemy, save yourself hours of heartache by organizing and structuring your time the best you can. A disciplined approach often works best.

3. C – Connection

We’ve all heard the phrase “you are what you eat.” The same concept applies to the company you keep with others in the business world. Connect yourself with mentors in your market space who are honest, knowledgeable, and can say they have been there and done that. No one, no matter what they tell you, can do it all themselves. It takes a village. Strong interpersonal relationships and learning from other’s mistakes will bring good things to your business.

4. U – Utilization

Make things work for you. All the resources and tools in the world, if not used, are worthless. This is the action part of the puzzle. Prioritize studying up on current trends and business practices within your industry. Someone must take that first step into the unknown, why not you?

5. S – Sincerity

Promises Promises Promises. Start from the heart. Be genuine and do what you say you are going to do. Trust is everything in business. Choose your words carefully, because they have the power to change your life. Good luck finding your FOCUS in 2020!


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